For Business

For Business

For decades The Sibley County DAC has been dedicated to creating labor solutions for area businesses by matching our trained, talented workers to your labor needs.  If you’re looking for dependable, enthusiastic and affordable workers, let us help.

Step 1:

As a potential employer, our placement specialist will meet with you, free of cost to discuss your labor needs and how workers from The Sibley County DAC may fit into your business.  We will come up with an employment plan tailored to your needs.

Step 2:

Depending on your needs, you may choose to hire an individual or an employment team to work on-site at your business.  You may also choose to use The Sibley County DAC as an outsource service and send us your work projects to be completed at our location.

Step 3:

The Sibley County DAC will provide your business with a job coach, free of cost to act as an on-site resource for individual placements and employment teams as needed.  The job coach will transport workers to and from your business, consult with you on job specifics and standards, and provide training and mentoring for workers.

Workers from The Sibley County DAC are paid an hourly rate based on your industry’s prevailing wage/minimum wage, or earn a piece rate.  Workers in a subcontract scenario often earn a wage commensurate to their ability compared to workers without a disability performing the same type of work.  The Sibley County DAC staff will work closely with you to determine a prevailing wage and assess fair wages for workers placed at your business.

Workers can be placed on your payroll, or hired as a sub-contract wherein your business pays The Sibley County DAC.  We in turn pay the workers and assume responsibility for liability and payroll processing.